Relocating business employees to Bruges or Ghent

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Appointing an international business employee to Belgium?

Visa and passports

An identity card or valid passport is necessary.

  1. Eu-citizen: An ordinary identity card is sufficient for most citizens of the European Union.
  2. Non-Eu-citizen: If you arrive in Belgium from outside the European Union, you must first pass through customs. There are no border controls once inside the European Union. Check at the Belgian embassy or consulate in your own country to find out exactly what documents you need

Addresses of foreign Embassies and Consulates in Belgium

Registering with the immigration authorities

  • Non-Belgian citizens wanting to settle in Bruges must register with the local immigration office.
  • The relocation office of the city of Bruges processes residency applications for international employees submitted by a relocation partner.

How to submit an application to the relocation office?

  • As relocation partner you complete the entire application.
  • Verify that the international employee holds a long-term residency visa (type D visa).
    Adresses of Belgian embassies and consulates.
  • Family of the international employee who also have a long-term residency visa (type D visa) can be registered at the same time.

Processing of applications

  • After the application has been submitted, a residency check will be conducted by a community police officer (wijkagent).
  • Then you can make an appointment with the relocation office for the finalisation of the registration process.


Depending on the nationality of the employee, he or she must pay a federal fee. (€60, €200 or €350)  This fee covers administrative expenses in relation to the processing of the application and will not be refunded in the event that the application is unsuccessful.

Applying for a work permit

Most international employees need a work permit to be able to work in Belgium. Some employees are exempt from the work permit obligation based on their nationality, status, and nature or duration of their employment.

Work permit types

  • Work permit type A: unlimited duration.
  • Work permit type B:  maximum duration of 12 months.
  • Work permit type C: limited duration only.

Who must submit the work permit application?

The application for a type A or C work permit must be submitted by the international employee at the Flemish Government.

The application for a type B work permit must be submitted by the employer on behalf of the international employee. If the application is approved, the employee will automatically receive his or her type B work permit.


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