Serviced apartments become more popular in Europe.

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Although serviced apartments might just be the more affordable option for frequent travelers, serviced apartments should not be confused with regular hotels as the services provided by each may vary widely.

Fewer attendants

During your stay at a serviced apartment, you will realize that most things are a DIY way. While hotels usually have doormen, bellhops or valet at your service, these are things that you will have to take care of by yourself during your stay at a serviced apartment.

No room service

While you’re making a reservation for a serviced apartment, think of it as renting your own place for a short term as here, you’re basically on your own. You might call the hotel restaurant when hungry, but no such room service is provided at serviced apartments. You will need to walk down to a grocery shop or store for yourself for the essentials.

Varying turnover service

 Most hotels provide a daily turnover service, fresh linen, and towels every day. But at serviced apartments, this is usually a once a week affair. Those used to the hotel life might find this inconvenient, but those who value minimum intrusion might just welcome this.

Peace and quiet

A stay at a hotel almost always includes the hustle and bustle of a lot of people stomping down a hallway, noisy guests milling about, staff conversing right outside your door and the constant ding of an elevator, among other things. Now imagine a stay minus all of these.

With serviced apartments comes peace and quiet. Such places are not disturbed by the sound of too many people or vehicles as they are primarily located in residential areas. Also, the number of people checking in at serviced apartments is far lesser than what is seen at hotels. This is one of the greatest perks of staying in a serviced apartment.

 The budget-conscious travelers will surely look at the brighter side of things and opt for a serviced apartment over hotels.


  • Free Wi-Fi
  • 24/7 guest support
  • Personal contact possible
  • Fully equipped Kitchens
  • Fresh bed linen and towels
  • Luxury toiletries and hairdryer.
  • Weekly maid service
  • Washer/dryer
  • Freeview Tv


  • Minimum stay from one night
  • Flexible and refundable rates
  • Rate Parity
  • No upfront deposits required
  • Full compliant/regulated buildings
  • Further discounts available for stays that are seven nights plus

A serviced apartment is an all-around outfitted loft and is accessible for transient or long-haul stays, and gives enhancements to utilize every day.

Space and privacy: business people and different explorers are used to hotel rooms which comprise of bed, phone, TV, espresso or tea facilities, a washroom, and bread rolls if the lodging offers them. While these things are incredible for any traveler, a service apartment accompanies increasingly, and that is the reason it is named as a home away from home.

Price + Price

There is no such distinction with regards to the price you are to pay for a service apartment or a hotel. But where does the cost get you? One thing you ought to review is that with a service apartment you get the chance to appreciate all your security and solace at that cost. What’s more, with a hotel you get an opportunity to pay for a hotel room with a few civilities, including essential amusement, yet you can’t set up your meals.

The length of stay

Maybe the real difference in costs comes when you consider the length of residence. If for example, you are to remain in a temporary location for a couple of months or nights, it will be clear to perceive how the cost of a hotel’s stay may add up. Service apartments then again, accompany adaptable value extents, and they too will rely on upon the length of your stay, yet they are negotiable to fit a budget. Furthermore, service apartment can even be better on the off chance that you are to book as a gathering since you get the opportunity to share costs as you appreciate the solace of a home away from home. You can set up your particular dinners and in spite of the fact that this may sound little, it is a noteworthy money-saving advantage.

Serviced apartments have become the most popular choice for accommodation these days. Serviced apartments offer a homely environment in which hotels can’t provide.

Staying in a serviced apartment gives you the room to work, cook, relax and sleep and on average you can expect to enjoy 30% more space than an equivalent standard of hotel. A typical one bedroom service apartment is around twice the size of the average hotel room.

Here are some of the basic advantages:

  1. More Space: With serviced apartments, you will get access to plentiful space.
  2. Well equipped Kitchen: The serviced apartment provides a fully equipped private kitchen with all the cookware needed to prepare the meal.
  3. Cost savings: Serviced apartments cost less than the hotel of the same size.
  4. Hotel like facilities: With a serviced apartment, you will also get access to more facilities like free WIFI Internet, Tata Sky TV with international channels, self-laundry facilities along with Housekeeping and Linen change services.

Jazz Bruges 16-18 nov 2018

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On Stage:

Tigran Hamasyan/ Amir Elsaffar & Ictus/ Colin Stetson

Omer Avital Quintet/Jakob Bro Trio/Elina Duni/Concert Mw’Soul

James Brandon Lewis ft Anthony Pirog/ Reijseger, Fraanje?Sylla

Jaimie Branch Fly or Die / Free Desmyter & Bassem Hawar

Maak Quintet/ Nathalie Loriers/MDC III/Donder

Nachtschade: Aubergine/ Hans Beckers/ Wannes Deneer 

Friday 16 november
25 Years of W.E.R.F. Records
YARD. Records, the label of arts center KAAP, is blowing 25 candles this year. The absolute highlight of this festive year is a grand celebration on the opening night of Jazz Brugge. With a nice mix of fixed values (Mâäk Quintet, Nathalie Loriers), new creations (Free Desmyter, Kris Defoort), album releases (MDC III) and new upcoming talent (Donder). A feast of Belgian jazz with a big bow around!

Saturday 17 november
Musical influences from all corners of the world
The second day of Jazz Brugge is entirely dedicated to the theme ‘Crossing Cultures’ and allows musical influences from all corners of the world to blow through the Concertgebouw, from Armenia (Tigran Hamasyan) and Albania (Elina Duni) over the Middle East (Omer Avital). to Senegal (Reijseger / Fraanje / Sylla). We close with one of the new exponents of the Chicago scene, trumpet player Jaimie Branch.

Sunday 18 november
Wide range of genres & cultures
A broad range of genres and cultures typifies the final day. KAAP maker Hans Beckers, together with drummer Teun Verbruggen, unleashes his self-built windmills on families. Muziektheater Transparant performs with Nachtschade: Aubergine an intriguing quest for cultural identity. Ictus, together with the Iraqi trumpet player Amir ElSaffar, explores the limits of chamber jazz. From spherical soundscapes (Jakob Bro) we go to unfiltered black avant-garde (James Brandon Lewis), to end with hypnotic muscle ball (Colin Stetson).


Concertgebouw Brugge
‘t Zand 34 8000, Brugge

Tickets & info
Day pass and Festival pass:

Tickets are available per day (day pass) and for the entire festival (festival pass).

Day pass: € 30 vvk | € 35 add (16/11 – 17/11 – 18/11)
Festival pass: € 75 vvk | € 85 add (Festival pass)
All Saturday concerts of Jazz Brugge are part of the 7×7 action of Soundcast: the five jazz concerts together at just € 7 all in.
More info at
Ticket Klopotec: € 6 children € 12 adult (not included in Dagpas or Festivalpas)
Ticket prices do not include booking costs (€ 1 per (day) ticket / € 2 per festival pass)

Where and how do I buy tickets:

online via this site (pay with Visa / Mastercard / Bancontact)
by phone:
070 22 12 12 (Tickets Bruges – Mon-Fri from 14:00 to 17:00)
059 33 90 00 (UiTloket Ostend)
at the ticket desk:
In & Uit Brugge
UiTloket Oostende
Tourism Ostend

At the box office (from 60 minutes before the start of the first concert).
Discounted rates (only in presale)

The discount applies to both day passes and festival passes

for -26: 50% discount for +65: 10% discount

Jazz Bruges on Spotify


Complete program

Tigran Hamasyan
Colin Stetson
Mw’Soul (Ghalia Benali & Mâäk)
Jakob Bro Trio
Omer Avital Quintet
Free Desmyter & Bassem Hawar / The Takenouchi Documents
Amir ElSaffar & Ictus
Nachtschade: Aubergine (Muziektheater Transparant)
Elina Duni MDC III
James Brandon Lewis Trio + Anthony Pirog
Jaimie Branch Fly or Die
Nathalie Loriers & Chemins Croisés
Hans Beckers / Klopotec Orkestra
Mâäk Quintet
Wannes Deneer / Tuning Things



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