August 6, 2019

5 reasons for booking a serviced apartment for your next trip

  A serviced apartment offers all the convenience of hotel-like services with the privacy, extra space, flexibility of a living area and kitchen. Serviced apartments allow you to cook, eat, chill and relax. Perfect for experiencing an exciting destination at your own pace, whether you are a couple, family or group. Many employees need to travel around the globe due to business reasons – whether for a short period or for months. Why serviced apartments are a good alternative to hotels, rented flats and shared apartments, as you can read below. 1. Cost Advantages For short stays, serviced apartments offer more flexibility and value for money. For longer stays, or families and friends traveling together, guests will also benefit from...
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Brussels pays tribute to Pieter Bruegel

This year, Brussels will pay tribute to Pieter Bruegel the Elder on the 450th anniversary of his death. The event is in line with the three cultural years dedicated to Flemish masters, in 2018-2020. One of the most awaited moments will be the return of the famous painting Dulle Griet to the Mayer van den Bergh House-Museum in Antwerp after the important restoration that restored it to its original splendor. Between 1400 and 1650, the corner of Western Europe known today as Flanders was a crucible of culture. The pocket of land framed by Bruges, Antwerp, Brussels, and Leuven had become wealthy through trade and the renowned skills of its weavers, a wealth reflected today in the splendor of its...
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In Search of Bruges Finest Chocolate

Walking the old city streets of Bruges with the sun shining on your brow, you just can’t help but notice the beauty of the city, it puts a sparkle in your eye and a smile to your lips… but then your 4th sense is taken over.. the smell of chocolate is in the air. Dark and yet sweet, rich and delicate, creamy and mouthwatering. It entices memories of first tastes and first kisses, setting your mouth alight with expectation. You follow the scent over cobbled paths and past exquisite churches until finally you step inside one of Bruges’ finest chocolatiers …. Sweertvaegher This wonderful chocolate shop opened its doors more than half a century ago, and has been a staple...
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Travel to Tomorrow in Bruges

In September 2019 the two-day summit ‘Travel to Tomorrow – Growing Forward Together’ will take place in Bruges. This summit brings together entrepreneurs, opinion and policymakers around contemporary questions and challenges in the tourism sector. A varied mix of lectures, workshops and experience sessions provides each participant with interactive opportunities to be inspired by the transforming power of tourism and grow professionally. Flemish and international top speakers link the theoretical framework to practical examples and issues of great touristic, but also broad social relevance. A must-visit event for everyone who wants to contribute in an innovative, sustainable way to future proof tourism! Program The two-day summit, dinner with 5 top speakers on Thursday evening included: 12 – 13 September in Bruges (150 euro, excl. vat) Dinner with 5 top...
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