“A step beyond the holiday apartments in Bruges”

Staying in one of our Bruges apartments is a different experience to the one you might find in one of the holiday rentals or hotels in Bruges.

“The difference between a good guesthouse and a great one often comes down to one thing: design.

Odevaere Guesthouses in Bruges by interior architect Natalie Haegeman, … whose core values are inspired by contemporary art and architecture, as well as the rich Flemish culture. Our vision makes us who we are…putting people first, pursuing excellence and serving our guests from all over the world.

In the Heart of Bruges

Beautiful guesthouses and city apartments located in the heart of Bruges, one of the world’s most vibrant and culturally-rich cities.

Complete Self Catering

Guests can treat the rental as a home from home with freedom to cook and relax on their own schedule.

Luxury Guest Houses

Mixing contemporary and traditional design, we offer luxury stays in Bruges that are far beyond your average holiday rental.

Detail in the Design

Furnished to a high standard by award-winning interior architects; inspired by contemporary art and architecture.

Room to relax

All the benefits of a boutique hotel such as five star comfort and design with the bonus of complete privacy extra space.

Management available 24/7

We take the comfort and security of all our guests extremely seriously, which is why we are available 24/7.

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