Bruges opens the world’s first beer pipeline

By September 22, 2016Trendy Bruges


It sounds like Beer lover’s wildest dream.

Brewery De Halve Maan (The Half Moon), one of the oldest breweries in the center of Bruges, faced having to shut down  because of the increasingly high cost of transporting its beer in trucks through the medieval city’s narrow cobblestone streets from its bottling plant two miles away on the outskirts of town. So they came up with a clever solution.


A two-mile pipe connects the Halve Maan brewery in the city’s medieval center with the bottling factory in the suburbs. Instead of having trucks thundering daily through the cobbled streets of a medieval town, the brewery invented a practical solution to the logistical nightmare. The pipeline means the brewery Half Moon can stay in its current location within the town center, where it has been brewing for the past 5 centuries. The pipeline passes under the town’s historic canals so almost 4,000 liters of beer, enough to fill 12,000 bottles, flows through the pipeline in an hour.

Smart technology is used with a cleaning and flushing system to keep the pipe clean to ensure the quality of the beer is maintained throughout its journey. The whole project was financed with crowdfunding and the more than 500 crowdinvestors will now be getting “free beer for life in proportion to their contribution” .




Belgique : la ville de Bruges inaugure un pipeline à bière (video)

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