Bruges goes classic

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Canals and cobblestones make medieval Bruges the Venice of the North. Here you can find great cuisine, nice architecture and contemporary and medieval art. The medieval splendour of Bruges makes it a popular destination for many a culture vulture as well as those just looking for a great city break in a fascinating town.

Coming months Bruges becomes even more colourfull because many shops took the challenge to do a transformation into “Classic shop”.

Visit the shops who will attend.

Leeloo (St-jakobsstraat 19, 8000 Brugge)
Meire (Geldmuntstraat 6, 8000 Brugge)
In Fine (Hoogstraat 38, 8000 Brugge)
Lingerie Anais (Langestraat 10, 8000 Brugge)
De Kobbe Tweedehands kledij (Langestraat 12, 8000 Brugge)
Shoerecrafting (Langestraat 13, 8000 Brugge)
Living Stone Shop (Langestraat 22, 8000 Brugge)
De Leeuwenbrug (Langestraat 63, 8000 Brugge)
Den Elder Collectior Shop (Langestraat 84, 8000 Brugge)
No nonsens Foodbar (Langestraat 81, 8000 Brugge)
Sue Ryder Tweedehands kedij/boeken (Langestraat 181/185, 8000 Brugge)
Original Shoes (Noordzandstraat 15, 8000 Brugge)
Shoenen Danneels (Gistelsesteenweg 12, 8200 Brugge)
Boekhandel De Reyghere bvba (Markt 12, 8000 Brugge)
IB Lichtateljee (Torhoutse Steenweg 45, 8200 Brugge)
Diamanthuis (Katelijnestraat 43, 8000 Brugge)
De Schacht (Katelijnestraat 49, 8000 Brugge)

From luxury apartments to designer guesthouses in Bruges

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If you’re looking for where to stay in Bruges on your vacation or business trip, we’d like to suggest something different.

We’d like to offer you a bespoke experience, full of the very best that Bruges has to offer. We’d like you to be able to live on your own schedule, rather than the timetable of someone else, and we’d like you to feel at home right away (albeit a luxury version of home). Our White Rooms guesthouse apartments are ideally suited to the international traveller, whatever your reason for joining us in our beautiful city.

Our luxury self contained apartments allow you to live like a local, putting you in the center of Bruges, and within easy reach of everything from UNESCO heritage sites to conference facilities.

Bruges is ideally situated as a base from which to explore Europe. Trains from Brussels whisk travellers to London, Amsterdam and Paris, all in under two hours. With three trains an hour doing the 50 minute train journey between Bruges and Brussels, it’s a great opportunity to absorb some medieval history on your European adventure.

We can cater for a weekend city break, or a longer let of up to five months. All costs include utility and internet costs – something that can result in a 50% saving compared to a stay in a hotel in Bruges.

Where to stay in Bruges has never been clearer.

Here you’ll find a range of our favourite self-catered accommodations and serviced apartments:

Apartment Dijver (2 bedroom) – this is luxury loft living, Bruges style. It’s located only a few steps from Groenerei canal, which is lined with several 17th century houses.

Apartment Groeninghe (2 bedroom) – artfully combining contemporary and antique furnishings, the enormous open fireplace is the star attraction.

Apartment Odevaere (1 bedroom) – a building boasting a façade from 1800, and within 300 meters of Bruges’ famous market square.

Loft Katelijne (2 bedroom) – our newest conversion, guests love its proximity to all the best sites, and its superb styling.

Imagine being within reach of…

  • Basilica of the Holy Blood (200 m)
  • Belfry of Bruges (Belfort) and Market Halls (Hallen) (200 m)
  • Market Square(300 m)
  • Beguinage  (Begijnhof) (600 m)
  • Minnewater  Lake (800 m)
  • Town Hall (Stadhuis)
  • Engels Klooster (1 km)
  • Sint-Janshuismolen (1.2 km)
  • Bruges Concert Hall  (700m)
  • Bruges City Theatre  (500 m)
  • Groeningemuseum (200 m)
  • Arentshuis (200 m)
  • Gruuthuse Museum(200 m)
  • Dali Xpo Gallery (200 m)
  • Historium Bruges(200 m)
  • St John’s Hospital  with Memling (400 m)
  • Lumina Domestica (400 m)

From luxury apartments to designer guesthouses, there are plenty of self-catering options in Bruges or Ghent.

Choosing to stay in a Self-catered accommodation may be a great option if you are traveling in a group, since a single flat can host 3 to 4 people at a lower price than 3 to 4 hotel rooms. Self-catering options in Bruges usually includes a private kitchen  where you can make your own meals and  Self-catering is a good option for those on a budget.

Holiday apartments in Bruges or Ghent can be found for one  week or several weeks or months. Whether you are looking for short stay apartments, extended stay apartments or long stay apartments, you are sure to find something that fits your needs.

From cheap apartments  to luxury serviced apartments in Bruges.


This is a list of Airbnb style apartments in Bruges

In Bruges …Private room1589
2Bruges CenterEntire Place2468
3Brugge’s House of FriendsPrivate room1391
4Bruges center, room with en suite private bathroomPrivate room1369
5Brugge center, room with en suite private bathroomPrivate room1346
6Lovely house of the lock,Private room1338
7Bruges city center apartmentEntire Place2278
8Room in authentic step-gabled housePrivate room1272
9Jacuzzi Room@ULYSSES next to BRUGESPrivate room1269
1018th century Flemish townhousePrivate room1256
11Guesthouse Freren Fontein (1st fl.)Entire Place2251
12B&B De Vijf ZuilenPrivate room1246
13Cosy room for short term visitPrivate room1245
14City center stay Bruges AmpersandEntire Place2238
15Bamboo room + 2 bicycles : +200 positive reviewsPrivate room1238
16Penthouse with a viewPrivate room1232
17Maison ZenEntire Place1230


18Lovely house in the centerEntire Place1230
19Full-equiped apt in heart of BrugesEntire Place1228
20Lucia: Italian hospitality abroadPrivate room1225
21Cozy room in beautiful BrugesPrivate room1224
22sleeping in brugesEntire Place2222
23Guesthouse Freren Fontein (2nd fl.)Entire Place2221
24Medieval house in center of BrugesEntire Place2221
26Prive room for friends with a viewPrivate room1211
27Golden hand, charming canal viewEntire Place2210
28A small room in BrugesPrivate room1209
29In Bruges B&BPrivate room1205
30Guesthouse along the canals!Entire Place2202
31Apartment Bruno in centre of BrugesEntire Place2198
32Cozy two floor flat near city parkPrivate room1187
33B&B waiting for perrault (room 1)Private room1179
34Your Breakfast is Our Passion!Private room1177
35Large Room @ULYSSES next to BrugesPrivate room1177
36a house full of art and booksPrivate room1174
37Luxurious mansion, historic BrugesPrivate room1172
38Charming B&B in BrugesPrivate room1171
39Expect the unexpected !Private room1169
40Charming&Romantic guest-house & room for 4 personsEntire Place2163
41Large room in the heart of BrugesPrivate room1161
42Romantic studio in the city center!Entire Place1160
43Welcome Bruges International RoomPrivate room1154
44Spacious room near center of BrugesPrivate room1151
45Charming, practical Holiday HouseEntire Place2149
46A basic room in BrugesPrivate room1148
4716th Century HouseEntire Place2147
48Top floor studioEntire Place2140
49Ons huis in hartje Brugge – NEW !!!Entire Place4140

Looking for boutique style luxury in Bruges Guesthouses and B&B…

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 ” A luxury alternative to hotels in Bruges”

Visit Bruges, and you enter a medieval world full of cobbled streets packed with history.

In such a fairytale setting, your accommodation should be similarly unique. Whilst hotels in Bruges are plentiful, if you delight in a more personal experience, we’d like to welcome you to White Rooms. Looking for boutique style luxury in Bruges Guesthouses and B&B…

Whether you’re visiting our world famous Bruges Christmas markets, or indulging in a romantic weekend break, our city centre self catering apartments offer a unique alternative to B&Bs and hotels in Bruges. Each apartment has been sympathetically restored by our award winning interior decorating team, in keeping with Bruges’ UNESCO World Heritage Site status.

Our Exclusive selection of Guesthouses are a nice alternative for  Boutique Hotels and Small Luxury Hotels in Bruges.

We also offer the perfect respite for corporate clients. Whether you’re staying for one night, one week or one month, you’ll appreciate the difference it makes when you can call a space your own. Each of our apartments has a fully equipped kitchen and fast wifi, so you’re not subject to the extra dining and internet charges you’ll find at many hotels. We can also arrange a full maid service if requested.

We invite you to explore our apartments, and discover for yourself what makes the White Rooms guesthouse experience so special.

We renovate historical buildings to create a luxury guesthouse experience, so that you can relax and set your own schedule.

If you are interested in boutique style luxury , vacation rental or rental apartment  with a reasonable price tag….Bruges and Ghent make the perfect combination for a weekend or weektrip to Belgium.  Our apartments and vacation rentals in Bruges are also available via and

The glorious medieval city of Bruges defines picturesque and inviting market squares , charming boutique hotels, elegant towers, chocolate shops, picture postcard sleepy canals and cobbled lanes. All create a nice sense of place that has captured imaginations for centuries. The best places to stay in Bruges are located around the medieval centre, so it’s a very accessible city and perfect for a short break. Some of  the best places to stay in Bruges are  guesthouses or hotels right on the canal like Hotel de Tuilerieen , Hotel de Orangerie or Die Swaene.

Excellent hotels nearby are  Hotel de Peellaert or the Kempinski Hotel Dukes’ Palace. This hotel is the result of thorough renovation and restoration and a magnificent tribute to Bruges as UNESCO World Heritage City.

Offer yourself the luxury of living as a local in Bruges or Ghent or Brussels for a few days or weeks.

Prefer renting a “home away from home”, with all the added comfort of a private apartment.

Discover original and charming places instead of  overpriced impersonal hotels.
Choose a  loft, guesthouse or apartment in Bruges and get inspired.  Book online or call us for an accomodation or Luxury rentals in selected charming places like Bruges or Ghent.

We offer luxury apartments , guesthouses and  accommodations in Bruges.  Our personally selected properties are for those who love staying in Bruges, or close to Ghent, Antwerp or Brussels to experience local culture, fine food and wine. We also add our own personal recommendations, as well as a calendar of cultural events to plan your trip.

We hope to welcome you soon.

Bruges opens the world’s first beer pipeline

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It sounds like Beer lover’s wildest dream.

Brewery De Halve Maan (The Half Moon), one of the oldest breweries in the center of Bruges, faced having to shut down  because of the increasingly high cost of transporting its beer in trucks through the medieval city’s narrow cobblestone streets from its bottling plant two miles away on the outskirts of town. So they came up with a clever solution.


A two-mile pipe connects the Halve Maan brewery in the city’s medieval center with the bottling factory in the suburbs. Instead of having trucks thundering daily through the cobbled streets of a medieval town, the brewery invented a practical solution to the logistical nightmare. The pipeline means the brewery Half Moon can stay in its current location within the town center, where it has been brewing for the past 5 centuries. The pipeline passes under the town’s historic canals so almost 4,000 liters of beer, enough to fill 12,000 bottles, flows through the pipeline in an hour.

Smart technology is used with a cleaning and flushing system to keep the pipe clean to ensure the quality of the beer is maintained throughout its journey. The whole project was financed with crowdfunding and the more than 500 crowdinvestors will now be getting “free beer for life in proportion to their contribution” .




Belgique : la ville de Bruges inaugure un pipeline à bière (video)

De la bire pour tout le monde: inauguration d’un pipeline bire ce vendredi

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