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Odevaere Guests & Partners,

Vacation rentals or short term rentals in our lovely city Bruges are well-positioned to offer a safe place to stay in Bruges.

Your health and wellbeing are our top priority so we wanted to share with you the steps we are taking to keep our guests and employees safe during these uncertain times.

Strict cleanliness & hygiene regulations have been our daily routine. In these challenging times, we have revised and strengthened them in order to implement an even more comprehensive and certified hygiene strategy – because only our friendliness should be contagious!

  1. Duty to wear masks
    All of our staff wear mouth-nose masks.
  2. Hand hygiene
    Disinfectant dispensers are available at all entrance areas.
  3. Comprehensive virus control and disinfection via technical fogging
    For all areas, the already high cleaning standards were revised and supplemented by additional disinfection measures and strict rules of conduct. We now use fogging devices with hospital-proven disinfectant to disinfect surfaces in the rooms.
  4. Contactless payment
    Please use the possibility to pay by credit card on-site or book on our website and pay directly online. You will receive the invoice conveniently by e-mail as a pdf file.

We are extending a 30% discount to anyone who stays longer than 14 days. Our private spaces have plenty of room to work or study and keyless entry which limits personal interaction. (contact us via mail marie at

We will maintain our existing high standards of cleanliness and provide additional training to our cleaning partners about appropriate disinfecting techniques.

We’re encouraging our entire community, including Odevaere guests, to exercise recommended physical distancing.

We’ve increased flexibility for all reservations made on We will provide credits for the full value of the booking on cancellations made any time before arrival, no questions asked. Credits can be used towards future reservations and are valid for one year from the time of cancellation

We’re actively monitoring the situation and following the guidance of the World Health Organization and the U.S. Center for Disease Control & Prevention. We’ll continue to respond based on their advice and will update you with any future developments.

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CDC-approved cleaning supplies or practices:

Our vacation rentals use the  COVID-19 Disinfection Checklist, which follows cleaning and disinfection guidelines provided by the CDC, EPA, and the World Health Organization. All of our properties are cleaned thoroughly, and we have disinfected our bathrooms, kitchens, and major touchpoints like light switches, doorknobs, tabletops, electronics, appliances, and control panels. Please contact us if you’d like to know more about how we’re protecting your health. 


We can guarantee that we have taken every precaution advised by the world health authorities to eradicate any risk of transferring COVID 19 infection to our guests. The protocols we used to create this checklist are those advised for people who need to disinfect residential homes. They are the highest possible standards for ensuring infection does not spread in a residential home. We are closely monitoring updates from all of the major health organizations and will notify all our users and modify the checklists immediately if any protocol changes are recommended.

Cancellation policies:

To make sure we are always on top of the cancellation policies of the OTAs (online travel agencies) our properties are listed on, we as a guest refer to these helpful links:


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