Where divine gastronomy meets interior design

By August 19, 2016Things to do in Bruges

If you visit Antwerp then there is a good chance you will find a mix where divine gastronomy in a historical building meets interior design.

Three star Michelin chef and co-owner, Sergio Herman moved from Holland to big City Antwerp. Where divine gastronomy meets interior design

His toprestaurant “The Jane” was designed by Dutch architect Piet Boon. Sitting there is not only a “A memorable dining experience” but also looking around to watch the spectacular light- chandelier.

“…culinary landmark in Antwerp..”

It was the intention of interior designer Piet Boon to mix the artisanal feel of the historic chapel, propelling it forward with a contemporary underground atmosphere.

The goal of the renovation of the chapel was not to do a makeover, but was focused on bringing out the existing materials of the space.

A selection was made of high quality materials such as leather, oak and natural stone prompting a specific palette for the lighting. A massive radial chandelier (12x9m) called the ‘Lion fish’ suspended over the dining area contributes to the ambient divinity of the old chapel.

The result is a scenic experience seamlessly combining engineering expertise with gastronomy and artistry. Antwerp is a 50 minutes drive from medieval Bruges.

“Sex on the plate” S Herman







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