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20 Nov

How to find parking in Bruges?

Bruges is a compact city for people and the use of motorized transport in the historic city center is discouraged. There are outlying car parks within walking distance of the center where you can park free of charge. A little further away are the park&ride cark parks, also free, from which you can reach the center by bike or public transport.

A blue zone has been created around the city center. You can park free of charge for a limited period in this blue zone (max. 4 hours) between 9.00 a.m. and 6.00 p.m. Always remember to use your blue parking disc!

Between 9.00 a.m. and 8.00 p.m. above-ground parking  in the city center is limited in time (min. 30 min. and max. 4 hours) and metered, also on Sundays and public holidays (1st hour: €1.80; 2nd, 3rd and 4th hours: €2.40; max. €9 for 4 hours). Payment can be made via an SMS/text message, using the 4411 app (only for Belgian mobile phone numbers) or by cash or bank card at one of the parking ticket machines. The correct number plate of your car must always be entered into the machine.

Parking in the city-center is unlimited and most cost-effective at one of the two central car parks: Centrum-Station (in front of the railway station) and Centrum-’t Zand. Both are situated within easy walking distance of the Market square or else you can use one of the city buses operated by ‘De Lijn’. The bus transfer (max. 4 people per car) from the Centrum- Station car park to the city center and back is included in the price of the parking ticket.

Parking Katelijne

Underground car park Katelijne is centrally located beneath two hotels on the city’s southern approach road. In the immediate vicinity, there is the Church of Our Lady (the second tallest brick church spire in the world), the Groeninge Museum and the Dijver.
price: 1 h € 1,  24 h € 8,70;

Parking Pandreitje

Underground car park Pandreitje is located at the Koningin Astridpark (Queen Astrid park), an emblematic green area very popular with Bruges residents, and there are plenty of delightful little hotels and B&Bs in the immediate vicinity.
price: 1 h € 1,  24 h € 8,70;

Parking Centrum-Station

This car park (capacity 1,500) is located next to the station, the ideal point to switch to public transport: all De Lijn buses stop there. An 8-minutes walk takes you to the city center.

Chantrellstraat 42, Brugge                                                                                                                          price: maximum € 3.50/24 hrs | hourly rate: € 0.70 | including free bus transfer (max. 4 persons per car)

Parking Centrum-Zand

The car park (capacity 1,400) is located next to the Koning Albertpark (King Albert park), partly under the Concert Hall and ‘t Zand square which plays host to the weekly Saturday market as well as all major events and happenings. Access via the tunnel under the square (Koning Albert I-laan).

         location: Koning Albert I-park-, Brugge                                                                                                                               price: maximum € 8.70/24 hrs | hourly rate: € 1.20; from the second hour you pay per quarter hour

Reachability during the Festive Shopping days

During the End of Year shopping days on 7, 8, 14, 15, 21, 22, 26, 27, 28 and 29 December 2019 and from 2 to 3 January 2020, there are free buses from Bruges Station to the Centre and back.

Park at the outskirts of Bruges

If you want to find free parking, you have to get out of the center, in the outskirts of the city.

There a couple of streets where you can park for free and with no time limit as well as several P+R parking.

These are our suggestions for you:

Buiten Gentpoortvest

As you can see on the map, Buiten Gentpoortvest is situated along the ring of Bruges, outside the city.

Walking from there to the Grote Markt, will take you approximately 16 minutes.

You can also take the bus 1 or 11 from stop Brugge Katelijnepoort to Brugge Dijver. The trip takes 11 minutes.

Buiten Boninvest

Screen capture from cPark app

Buiten Boninvest is also situated along the ring of Bruges, outside the city.

From there you can reach the city center either via Katelijnestraat or via Gentpoortstraat.

  • Via Katelijnestraat:

If you choose to go by foot, its 21 minutes away from the Grote Markt.

By taking bus 11 of 12 from Brugge Katelijnepoort stop to Brugge Dijver, you can get there faster. The trip takes 13 min approximately.

  • Via Gentpoortstraat:

By foot, it will take you approximately 20 min and roughly about the same time to get there by bus.

P+R Parkings

Go to one of the P+R parkings outside the city if you plan on parking long term.

P & R Steenbrugge

This P+R parking is situated at the end of the Baron Ruzettelaan and counts 185 parking spots.

To get to the center of the city, take bus line number 20 or 21 from Assebroek Park & Ride Steenbrugge stop and get off at Brugge Station. Getting to the station takes approximately 22 minutes.

From Bruges’ station, you can either take another bus that will take you to the center of the city either walk (8min).

P & R Jan Breydel

This P+R parking is situated at the Jan Breydelstadium in the Olympialaana and counts 100 parking spots.

Getting to the center of the city from there is quite easy. Take the bus at Sint-Andries Kerk stop and get off at Brugge Station. This will take you 20 minutes.

Here again, you can either take another bus to get to the center of Bruges or walk (8min).

P & R Boogschutterslaan

This is the P+R parking closest to the center of the city.

You will find this parking in the Boogschutterslaan, near the church of Sint-Kruis. There’s another parking lot, just a little bit further at the sport club Brughia, next to the Studio Hall.

To get to the center of the city, take bus number 16 from Sint-Kruis Mariawende or bus number 6 or 16 from Sint-Kruis Kerk stop and get off at Brugge Stadsschouwburg. This only takes 10 minutes

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