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27 Nov

Winter in Ghent

‘Winter in Ghent’ is more than a name or a season. Discover everything the city Ghent has to offer while visiting Ghent in the magical wintertime. Go to the Program ‘Winter in Ghent’

Wouldn’t it be great if we could enjoy the most festive time of the year for just a little bit longer? Don’t worry, you’re at the right place at the Gentse Winterfeesten. Whether you’re in for an adrenaline kick, some relaxation, traditional cuisine or that one Christmas jumper, you’ll find it at the Gentse Winterfeesten!




On the day of the opening, the ice rink opens after the skating act (start at 18u30)

From 6/12/2019 to 5/01/2020

  • Sunday to Thursday: 11h00 – 22h00
  • Friday and Saturday: 11h00 – 23h00
  • 24/12 and 31/12: 11h00 – 17h00
  • 25/12 and 01/01: 14h00 – 22h00

Sessions: 11h00 – 13h00, 13h30 – 15h30, 16h00 – 18h00, 18h30 – 21h00*

*Friday and Saturday until 22h00


  • At the ice rink: 7 euro (multi-ticket of 10 + 1 free: 70 euro)
  • Schools*: 3.5 euro per person
  • Groups of 20 people*: 5 euro per person (1h skating, including skates rental)
  • Skating support: 2 euro

* Schools: only on school days and when booked beforehand
* Groups: only valid when booked beforehand

For more information, please contact us via


From 6/12/2019 to 5/01/2020

  • Monday to Thursday: 12h00 – min. 21h00, max. 24h00
  • Friday: 12h00 – min. 22h00, max. 01h00
  • Saturday: 11h00 – min. 22h00, max. 01h00
  • Sunday: 11h00 – min. 21h00, max. 24h00
  • 24/12 and 31/12: 12h00 – 17h00
  • 25/12 and 01/01: 14h00 – min. 21h00, max. 24h00


From 6/12/2019 to 5/01/2020

  • Monday to Thursday: 12h00 – 24h00
  • Friday: 12h00 – 01h00
  • Saturday: 11h00 – 01h00
  • Sunday: 11h00 – 24h00
  • 24/12 and 31/12: 11h00 – 17h00
  • 25/12 and 01/01: 14h00 – 24h00


Jan van Eyck brings on a revolution in the history of painting in the Low Countries between circa 1420 and 1441. Worldwide, only 20 works by Van Eyck have been preserved. Quite exceptionally, over half of these will travel to Ghent in 2020 for the exhibition ‘Van Eyck. An optical revolution’ at the Museum of Fine Arts (MSK). In what promises to be an unmissable, must-see exhibition, the world of Van Eyck and his revolutionary gaze will be brought to life like never before. 

Venue: MSK Ghent, Fernand Scribedreef 1, 9000 Ghent

Tickets: click Vaneyck 2020

Weather in Bruges

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